Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Favourite Time of Day

It's morning.

Looking out the back window of Whitelees Cottage last week, a big cock pheasant was seen sitting on the fence. The sun hit his plumage just so that it made the feathers almost glow. You can see how close we are to our nearest neighbour, Charlie. The pheasant had just finished crowing (or calling - whatever pheasants do) and was just settling his feathers back down. We get lots of pheasants visiting the garden.
The photo of the hills was taken later on in the day. On the left of the shot you can see the end of Charlie's barn.
There was a heron taking off from the front garden two days ago, but I didn't have a camera at hand. Herons seem so big when they're this close up, almost like a pterodactyl. I'm sure the heron was making certain that we don't have too many frogs in our pond. There are a few heron nests in some tall pines up near the duck ponds where we walk Polly. The nests are well back from the paths and can't be seen from where we walk. I'm going to go look to see where they are later on in the year after the young herons have flown the nest. I don't want to disturb them just now.


Jay said...

That pheasant is beautiful. So is the view from your house.

Anonymous said...

GREAT shot of the pheasant! I can't tell whether it's ringnecked pheasant or not. What kind is it?

just lovely.

xo, ma

susan said...

You live in such a beautiful world!

Ex-Shammickite said...

What a lovely calm morning!
I woke up to workmen noisily blowing leaves in the Doc's parking lot next door, and a huge digging machine digging out a basement for a house extension at the end of our street!

Peggy said...

Jay - I can't take credit for the beauty of the pheasant or the view but I'm glad you like it. I sure don't ever get sick of our views.

Ma - It is a ringnecked pheasant you just can't see his ringed neck.

Susan - Do you mean Planet Peg or the world that we all live in? ;-) Our part of Scotland is just wonderful.

ex-shammickite - Leaf blowers are horrid! What's wrong with a rake?

Joy Des Jardins said...

I can see why you love it Peggy....your view is beautiful. You are very lucky to wake up to such a gorgeous countryside.

Claude said...

Great photo of the pheasant, you enjoy a beautiful view. Being a night owl, these are things I never get to see ;)