Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

If you will all turn your minds back to the winter and our Miss Polly was getting fairly regular visits from the neighbourhood border collies. In particular, she was visited by Old Bill. I wanted to report that in the past week Polly and Bill have had a play date. I was up at The Farm where Bill and Rab live and I let Polly out of the car. They had a great time running around. Bill now sleeps inside the back hallway of the farm house at night. It is warm and dry in there and his arthritic joints have gained great benefit from it. It also prevents him from his late night wanderings down to our place.

There are three dogs up at this farm, two working border collies. Rab and Bill and a Jack Russell cross named Mick. Polly has made friends with all three of them.

The Man of the Place has taken George and Gordon (the neighbour boy who lives at The Farm) down to The Lake District. They're hiking Scafell Pike today. It's about five hours up and four hours down. The weather report for Cumbria is perfect for walking and they should have a perfect day.

I didn't want to go and I don't have to go out to work today. Yippee! That doesn't mean that I can sit around, picking lint out of my navel, watching Animal Planet and drinking tea. I've already spent an hour cleaning windows. I still have roughly two more hours to go on that job, but I got sick of it and decided to come in and play on the computer for a bit. I've got loads of housework to do, but I am NOT going to bust my ass cleaning this place while everybody else is swanning around the countryside having a jolly old time. I'll do the work, but I won't be nuts about it.

If you were wondering about the eggs that my fish laid earlier in the week, they are safe in the kitchen aquarium. I don't hold out much hope for these eggs. I think they are infertile as they are still as white as the day I found them sticking to the glass. I did a search for online forums about how to care for these eggs. It seems that the fertilized eggs will have a yellowish tint to them and infertile eggs will remain white. Mine are all white, but I am not giving up on them until Easter Sunday, they start to go fuzzy or hatch.

Drat! I wish that I had the camera! Henry took it to go up the mountain with the boys. A Bullfinch has just showed up in the garden! They have such a beautiful rosy breast. It's gone now.

Bullfinch - not my photo


Ex-Shammickite said...

Sounds like you're having a nice restful day... and by restful I mean working at your own pace, no hubby or boy to run about after, you can stop doing a job and start again whenever you like. Or you could lay on the sofa and drink gin and tonics all day, do whatever you want! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

five hours up and four hours back....that should give you plenty of time for r&r.

there's SNOW all around the area, but it hasn't hit the city yet. too bad! maybe they'd close the skool???? and i could go home an get stupid in front o the teevee!

xo, ma

Jay said...

Spending your free day cleaning? That doesn't sound like much fun. Especially windows! Well at least your not being in a rush about it.

J-Funk said...

What a lovely day! Sometimes there's as much satisfaction in getting the chores done as there is in hiking for a full day. Good luck with those fish eggs. I hope the boys have fun on their hike, too.

Kell said...

Even with the cleaning it sounds like a wonderful day--for everyone!

We're having a cold snap, that is going to last 2 weeks. Guess that would be a good time for some spring cleaning. Time to clear some of the cobwebs. Oh, and clean the windows.

Betty said...

Lately, I have had the occasional urge to do some spring cleaning. But, I just lie down with a cold cloth on my forehead, and the urge passes.

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

UKBob said...

I'm glad to hear Old Bill has found a nice place to sleep, I'm sure he's earned it. Bob.