Monday, March 26, 2007

Normal (ha!) transmission is due to start tomorrow

Thank you all for your words of sympathy about my poor ickle finger. It is still sore but definitely on the mend.

We should have a new broadband provider tomorrow. The helpful customer service guy said that I could go live from between midnight tonight and midnight tomorrow. I'll be back patrolling the interweb thingy at that time.

I will tell you that we had a house full on Sunday. I love having guests over. Firstly there
was Andy who went home to Ohio today after being here for a week's visit . He was a quiet, hygienic house guest who not only ate everything put in front of him, made nice comments about each meal he consumed. I would like his actions to be emulated by any and all future house guests. He also brought presents! Thanks Andy! You can come over anytime!

On Sunday clocks went forward that pesky hour. I hate the "spring forward" time change as you really do lose an hour of sleep. This mean that when I thought is was noon and my old friend Jameel, his wife Mahrukh and their gorgeous daughter Hana showed up, I thought they were an hour early. Nope, they were actually arriving at 1 pm when they said they would. Good thing I was up early and was ready to receive them. This lovely family live all the way down near London (Epsom) so it was a rare treat for me to have them here.

Jameel and I used to work for the same company years ago. Even though we have both moved on, we've always kept in touch. The bonus is that now he's got a incredible wife (beautiful, bright, tall and has a great sense of humour) and this stunning baby girl.

Little Hana has just turned two. It gave me the excuse to drag the box of toddler toys down from the loft and clean the high chair off. I've saved a number of baby things from George's early childhood so that when we have visiting royalty like Hana, I've got all the right equipment to make the stay more pleasant.

Our other old pal Peter and his son Laurence showed up for desert. I'm glad I made an apple crumble as well as a big chocolate layer cake. I don't know what I would ever do if I found that I had under catered for guests! The thought makes me shudder. Peter and Laurence are also appreciative diners - bless 'em. Laurence seems to have an internal sensor that beeps when I've got the ovens fired up and I'm in a baking mood. If I'm baking cookies, I know he'll show up. Laurence knows that food equals love. ;-)

So, now I find myself back to another Monday night. Is it me or are Monday nights much more common than Saturday nights?


Anonymous said...

Wot a relief! Broadband back, finger healing, guests having's very weird to not be able to reach out and type someone when you want.

Yes, I'd say Monday nights far outnumber the Saturdays.

glad you'll be back in bidness very soon!

xo, ma

Claude said...

It'll be good to have you back, broadband, finger and all!
It feels like I haven't heard from you in ages. ;)
What a weekend you had. They all sound like lovely people. But you sure went through a lot of work.

Peggy said...

I hope to be back and annoying everyone soon. I forgot to mention that on top of everything the phone line itself was out for a time last week!

Ma, I hope to be caught up today!

Claude - bless your heart - I live for guests at the house. It never seems like work.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Glad to see you back in communication. How did we ever survive without computers and the internet?

sally said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and I'm glad you'll be posting again! I've missed the news.

Baking sounds like fun. I spend most of Sunday making soup, sauce (marinara), meatballs and the occasional batch of chocolate chip cookies. I pretty much don't have time during the week after that. When cookies and muffins are in the oven, most kids in the neighborhood know. They're waiting around, like raccoons, for me to turn my back. Do you remember the Katzenjammer Kids comic books? The pies left on the window sill to cool? It's like that.

Jay said...

The thought of having the broadband go down for any extended period of time gives me nightmares.

Sounds like you guys had a busy weekend. Having a house full of guests is always a lot of fun.

Betty said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Those are the kinds of guests I don't mind having at all.