Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Popsicle Toes

We don't usually get our snow until February or March. As it is getting towards the end of January, the snow flurries have started. I drove home today from further up north in Ayrshire through a white out. The Beattock Summit on the M74 motorway was very snowy indeed. I could see that the outer lane was starting to get some accumulation.

Naturally there is no snow here at our fair Whitelees, but as I type, the very first teeny tiny flakes are sneaking into the garden.

I am just glad to be home. In fact, I really didn't want to leave this morning. Its one of those days where you just want to hibernate.

I got up at my usual very early time (in case you all didn't know, I'm an early riser-type person) and pottered around the place until it was time to get George up.

After he was up and out the door, it was time to get myself dressed for work and out the door. Going back into our bedroom, there was sleepy, warm husband still under the big down duvet. "I'll just pop back in and warm up before getting my work clothes on. . . ."

Definition of assault: Making a person of reasonable firmness fearful for their safety.

Apparently my hands and feet were too cold to get anywhere near my nice warm husband. When I tried, he quoted the definition of assault at me.

"Peggy, I have a good working knowledge of physics and I know that you can't radiate cold. That is just not how the exchange of heat works. However, you're doing it!"
With that, he sprang from the bed and left me to try to warm myself up. Very uncharitable.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Perhaps some bedsocks might do the trick?

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Try putting your cold feet on his lower back. It sounds strange, but the coolness can be very nice on tired muscles.
Or...it could make him buck like a rabid horse, which would also be fun. :)

J-Funk said...

We had the exact same problem last night, except BOTH our feet were cold so I eventually ended up getting up in search of another blanket.

Tink said...

You know what's good for warming up cold fingers? Sticking them in the armpits of a loved one. The scream they let out is simply icing on the cake. Mwahahaha.

Jay said...

Nothing like getting touched by a nice cold hand or foot when you aren't expecting it!

Peggy said...

You guys missed the most important thing on that entry! I have actually defied important laws of physics!! I can radiate cold!!!!

Davey C. said...

Well, he left you his nice warm spot, didn't he. IT'S CALLED LOVE, BITCH! DIG ON IT A WHILE!