Monday, January 01, 2007

How to Start The New Year Right

Waffles Waffles Waffles! The answer should always be waffles!

Just so you know, the power didn't go out last night. However, the weather was so fierce in the centre of Scotland that the massive New Year's Eve or Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh were cancelled. Shame. We stayed safe at home. Polly barked a lot. I let her out and she barked more. The sounds from the strong winds freaked her out a bit and she went into guard mode.
This is the damage from last night's storm. More broken glass. I'll fix that after I've been to Dumfries to buy new glass. There is a broken pane on the roof of the greenhouse too. The bit that can be opened to vent the greenhouse has come completely off and is smashed in little bits a couple of feet away. I've just come back in from picking up the glass to discover that one of the panes of glass went airborne and hit the side of the house. I think I've got all the bits picked up. I'm glad that is done because now Polly and the chickens won't slice their toes.

In case you didn't know, I got a waffle iron for Christmas. This morning, to start the new year right, I made waffles. I'm getting quite good at making these. It is just a smidge more involved making waffle batter than making pancake batter, but I've been getting the double thumbs up from everybody. (I love the approval I get from cooking.)
This is the new waffle iron. It makes "finger waffles". My first reaction was one of uncertainty. Finger waffles??? It sounds like a fad food and I'm a more of a traditionally themed person.
This is the waffle iron steaming away and cooking the batter that has been carefully spooned in.

First batch is done.

Finger waffles are just fine. You don't have to separate into individual fingers if you don't want to. You can leave them joined up. One benefit of this new fangled waffle iron is that if you don't have enough waffle batter for a whole big batch, you can make just one or two little waffle fingers. I'm officially won over.
Waffly goodness! I defy anybody to find a better way to start the new year.


Claude said...

Lots of waffly goodness to come. Looks yummy!h Hope your broken glass is soon fixed and that insurance will take care of at least some of it!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I LOVE WAFFLES! I have a waffle iron somewhere around here, but haven't used it in years. There was a time when I'd ONLY get waffles when we'd go out to breakfast...I just had to have them. Your waffles look good Peggy. What a great gift...enjoy!

Good luck with your glass clean-up...I've had my share of cleaning up small disasters lately. Happy New Year Peggy.

Jay said...

mmmmmm ... waffles

Sounds like a pretty bad storm. Glad there wasn't any more damage than there was.

The Bird Woman said...

Happy new year, Peggy!

Another waffle fan here :o)

Joe said...

Every home should have one!

Kell said...

I want a finger waffle maker now! Gosh those look good. I was going to ask for a waffle maker for Christmas. Why oh why did I change my mind?

Glad you didn't have any more damage than you did.

Happy New Year!

susan said...

Chickens have toes???? LOL

Have a Happy Waffle Year! I should drag our iron out, hmmm...

Libbys Blog said...

With vanilla ice cream and maple syrup!!!!!!!!!!

Ex-Shammickite said...

The only time I made waffles was at a dingy little hotel in Colorado where breakfast was advertised as included, but the surprise was that you had to cook your own! I made a horrible mess of the first one, sploshing waffle batter all over the floor, but soon got the hang of it, very yummy breakfast items.
Happy and healthy 2007 to you and your family and hurry up and get that greenhouse glass fixed.