Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Starting to feel Christmassy

I love the Christmas decorations that look like they were made for a tree in Las Vegas. Glitter, tinsel, twinkly lights! I still have loads to do, but the tree is up and it looks beautiful. Having a real fir tree in the new front room is wonderful. The nicest thing is that there isn't a carpet for the needles to hide in for the next 11 months. Wooden floors rule!Here is our tree - all 8 feet of it. You can see that the star at the top is a bit wonky. We have to take the star off, cut the top branch a bit and put the star back up. Look! Presents underneath already!

You can also see that there aren't any skirting boards in the room just yet and the window doesn't have any curtains or blinds. We'll get there. The skirting boards (base boards) will come after Christmas and the curtains will come when I've got some time to think about what I want in there. Thankfully the only thing that looks into those windows are some pine trees across the road.

My sister Katie phoned me. She lives in Michigan with her husband and small daughter Claire. Little Claire is 18 months old and is getting some new molars. Therefore she's a bit crabby. Poor dear. It is rough being a toddler sometimes. I hope Claire gets lots of fun presents. Katie's birthday is five days after Christmas. I'm going to send her something completely impractical.

The one Christmas song that runs through my head when I'm feeling in the Christmas mood is Feliz Navidad sung by Jose Feliciano. Don't know why, but that one is my favourite.


Alan G said...

Your tree looks great Peggy. Even "Wonky" the star. And who can't love a real tree. It's always nice to get bit by the Christmas spirit.

Joe said...

Very festive! But no, not Jose Feliciano. Aaaaarrrghhh! Make it stop!

I hope you're warm, cozy and festive at Whitelees.

Jay said...

The tree is great. I like the "wonky" star too. It give the whole tree character.

Kell said...

I love your tree! It's gorgeous. And the wonky star is very Seussical, don't ya think?

Joy said...

Beautiful. I can smell it from here.