Saturday, December 09, 2006

Am I Weird Too?

Okay, I got tagged again. This time by Kell, sister of Jay, daughter of Betty. Kell is a delightful gal living in the wilds of Omaha.

I am to reveal six things about me that I believe to be weird. There isn't that much that is odd about me. . . . I am just about as normal as they come . . . but let's think a minute.

1. I must have had my squeamish gland removed when I was little. I can stand all sorts of uncooked foods, blood, goo, gunk, mouldy things etc. . . . I also have no squeamish feelings when it comes to snakes and mice. I was that rotten kid who used to catch them and chase all the other kids around while holding onto one or more snakes by the head. I used to grab mice out of the feed bin when we lived on our small "ranch" in North Dakota but they bit so I stopped doing that pretty quickly.

2. I can't stand stairs that are "see-through" or have no riser between the steps. This includes most metal stairs. Actually, I don't like stairs much at all. I must have fallen down them as a tot. If I have to walk down stairs, I clutch the handrail quite firmly. Ladders, fine - stairs - nope.

3. I have a fantastic internal compass and spookily accurate sense of direction. I'll get us back out of the maze that is a North African medina (covered market) in no time. I only ever have to be a place once to remember how to get there forever more. However, if you say, "take a left" and I don't have time to think about it, there is every chance that I'll turn right instead. I still get left and right mixed up. Visiting South Africa and being in the Southern Hemisphere completely wrong-footed me. Had I been there a bit longer, I would have figured it out, but for two weeks, I hated not knowing instinctively north from south.

4. I'm not claustrophobic but I can't stand anything tight around my neck. Not anything.

5. Being startled and loud noises can make me cry.

6. um . . . .I'm struggling here . . . . . I've just remembered something! I have a thing about how clothes are folded and how they are pegged out on the clothes line. I can't bear them to be done other than how I fold or peg out. If The Man of the Place hangs the clothes out on the line, I will go out and re-hang them on the washing line. I will also re-fold the clothes that he has folded, but only mine. His mis-folded clothes can stay that way. It is only ME that has the problem with the way he does these things. I also have to have all the towels folded in equal thirds (a hangover from my Navy days).

I now tag:






You're under no obligation here - but it would be great to see what you've got hidden


Anonymous said...

excuse me, cherie....wot is this
"tagging" stuff? i have never heard of this before. 'splain it to me....
you want me to say six things that are weird about me? (mad, hysterical laughter....)

su madre

susan said...

but I'm not weird at all...just ask me!

Betty said...

I have no sense of direction at all. Jay says if he took me two blocks from home and turned me around a couple of times, I wouldn't be able to find my way back.

Kell said...

That was awesome! I wish I had some of your weirdness, I'd love to not be squemish. But we do share the fear of stairs. I hate a stair that I can see through to the bottom.

Jay said...

Well your not TOO weird. I'm not squeamish about blood and good, but I don't like snakes one bit! LOL

Claude said...

Sometimes, I think I am so weird, that I wonder if I am normal ;)
I am not to enthusiastic about memes but I'll do yours, just because, it came from you ;)h

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

I have four of the six things in common with you. How odd, isn't it?
Thanks for sharing, your blog has become a part of my morning ritual (along with two others). Keep up the good work.

Peggy said...

Mom, Your weird things are good! Thanks for taking part.

Susan - I AM asking you!

Betty - Some people have an internal compass and some don't. I guess I'm lucky - but I can't brag about it because its just too humiliating if I ever lose my way.

Kell - Thanks!

Jay - Its a shame you don't like snakes. I hear that there are a few down your way.

Claude - I hope you don't mind taking part. You didn't have to do it. I agree it is a bit sophomoric, but in small doses it can be fun.

Eryn - What are the four things??? Nice to see you again.