Monday, November 06, 2006

Who has more fun than us?

Last night was Guy Fawkes Night or bonfire night. We didn't do anything to celebrate. No bonfire, no fireworks, nuthin.
Today during his lunch break, The Man of the Place discovered that there were many places selling discounted fireworks. He came home at the end of the day with an entire bin liner (trash bag) full of fireworks!! I put the above photo of the firework bounty to taunt my nephews Sam and Joe and their father Jay. The firework shop in Carlisle is still open. I haven't seen El Diablo in the window for a while, but I am sure that something just as explosive exists. He tried to get ones that are sparkly rather than loud. George and I don't like the loud ones. I'm sure that our dog, Polly wouldn't like them either.

Star drawn in the air with a sparkler.

We lit one fountain and a packet of sparklers. We'll set the rest off later.


sally said...

Ooooo...that smarts. I will show Joe, Sam and Jay the bounty from Guy F**ks day (sp?). Then we will raise you on Thanksgiving when we head down to North Carolina, where you can buy fireworks, cigarettes and gasoline all at the same beauty shop!

Jay said...

Fireworks can be a lot of fun. They are illegal here where I lived except for around the 4th of July. For those days it sounds like downtown Baghdad.

susan said...

Waahoooo! Looks like such great fun!

Alan G said...

What an interesting piece of history Peggy with regard to the origin of the event. Thanks for pointing to that link.

Joy said...

I adore fireworks. As a kid we use to have sparklers available...not so anymore...they're illegal just as most fireworks are now. I try to get my yearly fix by going to one of the displays in our area on the 4th of July. They are pretty amazing. Nice post Peggy.

gawilli said...

In Indiana they legalized fireworks last year just in time for Independence Day. In fact some say part of the voter backlash yesterday was due to this. Love the pictures!

Tink said...

I love the sparkler pictures! I always try to capture those moments and they turn out a bright blurry mess :).

mjd said...

Hi, I am visiting form Susan's Slice of Life. I prefer sparkly colorful fireworks to loud too.

Peggy said...

Sal - have fun in the Outer Banks

Jay - don't you just love partial
bans on things - keep the laws fuzzy!

Susan - it was fun!

Alan G - you're welcome - I am now actually interested in history though as a younger person I had NO interest at all.

Joy - even sparkelers are illegal? No fair!

Gawilli - fireworks are great if you're not a dog - thanks for the compliment!

Tink - keep trying!

mjd - welcome to my blog. Its nice to see you here! I think its only boys that like to make a bunch of noise instead of having all the sparkly prettiness.

Claude said...

Hey, I love that top photo! Quite spooky, looks lie someone has fire goggles! h