Wednesday, November 15, 2006

lazy lazy lazy lazy me

You know, I haven't touched the garden in months. I haven't been able to mow because it has been too wet since about September. I fear that the lawn may stay long and shaggy for the rest of the winter.

The bamboo poles that I used as the bean frames are still out there in the dark rainy night with old frost-killed bean plants wound around them. Old beans pods that I never managed to get into the greenhouse to dry, saving the seed are dangling from the dead vines.

Weeds have come up in my formerly well tended vegetable patch. Thankfully because we have no light, the weeds are still short. The corn stalks are still standing, old leaves flapping like pennants.

Blackbirds (in the UK they are a member of the thrush family and are beautiful birds) have found a way into the greenhouse through a hole and have eaten all the grapes. I don't mind that they have eaten the grapes. They are welcome to them, but they can't seem to find the way out as easily as they get in and have crapped all over everything!

Some sunny and dry weekend, I am going to have to light a fire under myself and get out there and sort stuff for the winter. Clean out the greenhouse and block up that hole. Clip back the old vine and burn the clippings. I'll have to lift all the bamboo canes, clean off this year's old bean plants and stack them out of the weather. Once that is all done, I have to drag out my sheets of carefully folded black plastic and cover the vegetable patch for the winter.

I hope I find my inspiration soon. The place looks a mess! I feel bad that it has slipped so far down because the garden looked so great all summer and now . . . . it doesn't.

I have managed to keep the bird feeders full though. At least the birds won't suffer from my slovenliness.

Maybe this untidiness will benefit the wildlife. Things can overwinter in the unmowed lawn. Newts and things. . . . what do you think?

You think I'm grasping at straws here, don't you? I am so very very lazy. Perhaps it is the low light levels. It doesn't start to get light until almost 8 and the sun sets at what seems to be about 4 pm. Its just dark all the time. I'd have to check some weather website to get the actual times of sunrise and sunset for this latitude, but I'm not far off.


claude said...

Well, it's quite natural to be lazy in the winter, more especially when one lives in places with little sunlight. I always wonder how Norwegians can stand those long winters with no sunlight. Anyway, let me remind you that in that respect animals are smarter than us. They hibernate! So give yourself a little forgiveness ;) You'll soon be in the ville-lumière ;)

Mad Cabbie said...

I thought growing weeds are illegal in Scotland Peggy :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

I think you're too hard on yourself. I think we all get more lazy in the colder weather and the darker days...I know I do. You'll be back to your gardens before you know it Peggy.

Jay said...

Yeah, don't be so hard on yourself. I only have like one plant in my whole apt and it only gets any attention when it's hanging over the edge of it's pot begging me to give it some water and attention. So, then I water it and it springs back to life.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the absolution guys!

Tink said...

I once had a garden... I planted all the wrong things in it though. Apparently most vegetables don't care for the hot Florida sun. I had these great ideas of how I was going to save money by growing my own food too. :D

Xtreme English said...

weeds are good for the soil, especially crab grass (dunno if you have that or call it that there). also, everything and every ONE needs a rest. it's nature's cycle.

sally said...

I think the problem is that you can't stand the mess. No one likes things to be untidy. It's unsettling. Rather than feel you need to take an entire weekend of back breaking work, try small tasks. Just do one quick thing whenever you have spare time and let the rest wait. You'll have it all done in no time and you won't beat yourself up for feeling overwhelmed.