Sunday, November 05, 2006

If We Won the Lottery

I don't buy lottery tickets very often, but when the jackpots grow to silly sizes, I figure my chances are just as good as anybody's.

I usually get a lottery ticket on the insistence of this boy.

He is trying his new wet suit out in the tub. (he'll probably make me take this photo out when he gets up and sees what I have done)

What I love are the what-if-I-won-the-lottery conversations on the drive home with our ticket. I think these conversations are what I pay my £1 for.

George's plans involve buying sports cars. He can't seem to get past buying an Aston Martin DB9. He was disappointed to discover that he wouldn't get out of school if we suddenly became wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice.

For me, after resigning from work (naturally) I think I'd go about relieving assorted family members of their mortgages from the comfort of a luxury spa. I'd get a massage almost every day and during the school holidays, we'd travel to all those places that have been a bit too far flung for an ordinary budget.

I don't think I would ever move to a bigger house. I love it here. I would however, hire a gardener, paying somebody to do all the weeding. That way, I can swan around planting flowers and shrubs, leaving the stuff I don't like to do to somebody else.

I'm sure that there are much more sensible things to do when faced with a large fortune but for the most part, I think of the fun.

What would you do?


Alan G said...

Well I will say one thing for George....the boy knows his cars.

And I, being a bit reclusive to begin with, would go buy an island somewhere. Of course, I would also have to buy a helicopter and learn how to fly it so I could get the off of my little island when inclement weather comes a callin'.

Peggy said...

He does know his cars. He can't understand why my life doesn't revolve around them.

I like the own island idea Alan. I'd make sure that there was a giant "no take" zone in the waters all around my private island to encourage the biodiversity and better diving for me and my island guests.

Jay said...

Man George doesn't dream small. What an awesome car!

I would do all the great and good things we all promise to do if we win the lottery. Kind of our "deal" with God. Then I'd travel the world endlessly. But, I might not move from here. I'd really like to flaunt it in front of some people. LOLOL

Ok, maybe I'd just flaunt it for a while and then move to a huge loft apartment in London.

J-Funk said...

I would buy a house. Here, a house would take up a pretty significant portion of your winnings. Then, with what's left, I would pay somebody else to make the house pretty. I'm terrible with colors and it stresses me out to buy furniture etc. It would be so awesome to have a new couch. But I would probably keep working as usual because I think I'd go crazy if I stayed home.

When I was in elementary school, one of my classmates' parents won the lottery. They put it all in the bank for their retirement and their kids' college tuition and emergencies. I didn't know them at all but I always wondered how that worked out for them.

sally said...

What would I do...

I'd quit my job, shunt quite bit off to family & friends, move to a quieter street, get a kick ass hair cut and take the family to sunny, sandy places where we can enjoy each other's company. I'd also send some to the good folks who are trying to provide safe drinking water to people around the world.

Kell said...

I'm glad I saw this before George decides he wants that picture taken off!

I've always said that I would be such a good rich person. Really, I would. I would buy a house for all my family members, where ever they wanted to live. Maybe a car, too, because many of them need a car. Then I'd buy a little place somewhere in Scotland, maybe some sheep, maybe a little yarn shop with a coffe shop attached. *Sigh* It would be nice, wouldn't it?

Joy said...

Like you, I never buy lottery's at some outrageous sum. I figure the same way chance is as good as anyone's. Oh yeah, RIGHT! I have the same conversations too...What would I do if....That's a very big IF...and I can't really fathom what it would be I'm usually at a loss beyone the the kids with what they need. I guess I'd get some things done on this house...that's pretty lame. Others would sell the house and buy something brand new...not so sure that's me; but it's kind of fun to imagine.

Hey, I love the pic of George...he looks so cute. Don't tell him I said that.

Peggy said...

Sally, you're so GOOD!! Safe drinking water is a good call!

Kell, you'd get a quiet place in Scotland with some sheep?? Also a good call! I feel so lucky that I'm already living in my dream house.

The Bird Woman said...

I'd buy a nice big old house with HUGE gardens, a private wood and a damn big lake.


Tink said...

>>He was disappointed to discover that he wouldn't get out of school if we suddenly became wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice.<< I don't blame him. Who needs an education when you have tons of money?! I kid. I kid.

LOVE the picture of him trying out the wetsuit in the tub.

Peggy said...

Birdwoman- why a lake? Do you like fishing or swimming that much?

Welcome Tink! Nice to see you here!