Saturday, November 11, 2006

Death of a kestrel

I was out in the rain, dumping stuff in the bin when I discovered a bird on the ground near the tool shed. It was a little Kestrel only barely alive. I took it into the house to see if warming would help. As it got warmer, its beak opened and closed a few times.

I was starting to get hopeful that this delicate bird of prey would rally. The Man of The Place asked for my assistance with something, so I put the bird down on the kitchen counter. When I returned two minutes later, the bird had died. On closer examination, this bird was terribly thin. Obviously it had been struggling. I felt bad for this young bird. It was one of this year's young birds and Kestrels are such lovely birds.

On a happier note, the local starling population seems to be growing.


claude said...

Have you posted a photo or a video here? I can't read it. My navigator (Firefox) tells me to get a plugin but cannot decide which one.h

Peggy said...

No, I started to put the starling video here, but I messed up. Perhaps there is some left-over code. I'll go and clean it up. Thanks for telling me.