Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weather Report

The title of this entry is a nod to Milt Rebmann, author or Milt's Muse. Sadly Milt's blog has been removed. We're still thinking about you Milt old buddy. As he has terminal cancer, we're (fellow bloggers) are a bit concerned with the sudden removal of his blog.

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The weather today was overcast and drizzly. This didn't deter us from getting out into it though. If we who are fortunate enough to live in Scotland stayed in when it was overcast, and drizzly, nothing would ever get done around here.

Today was The Moffat Agricultural Show. Our neighbour was showing his sheep there today and we went along to show support. We see his sheep every day of our lives, we feel we should be there when these familiar sheep get put into a ring for judging. "We" did very well. This ewe won first prize, grand champion and best of breed. The ewe in the next pen, also "ours", won a first prize and reserve champion. Not bad eh? There were loads of other first prizes, a few second and third prizes as well.

Before we drove across to the Moffat Show, we stopped by to visit our friends Helen and Antony. We brought them some blueberry muffins that young Florent helped me to make this morning.

Helen was due to have a baby earlier this week. She is now officially overdue. This is her on the phone telling another friend that she will contact her with any news. I know how rubbish it is to be over due (George was 10 days late). Everybody phones with the same question, "Haven't you had that baby YET?". I made a point of NOT phoning with that question. I only phoned about non-baby things. There was a terrific excuse to visit them today. They took delivery of a pig!

This is the new girl, Bluebell. She is a Gloucester Old Spot. She's a young girl who hasn't had a litter of piglets yet, but that is to come sometime in the future. She is also very talkative. She grunted away when we showed up. I gave her a little treat (muffin). I really like pigs, but I don't want to get attached. We all wish Bluebell all the best in her new huge pen and fancy new hut.

NOTE: Helen had her baby at 04:00 this morning. A lovely little boy. Mum and baby are doing well.


Claude said...

Great photos! I particularly like Bluebell. Hope your friend doesn't stay overdue too long.
I've added your weather report to the list on my page. Thanks for joining in. Hope more people will.

saz said...

Thank you Peggy - Nice weather report and rainy photo for Milt and I'll add it to my post today too!

Love the other pics too.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hi Peggy,

I just posted my Weather Report for Milt too. What a really beautiful idea for a truly wonderful man. Thanks so much.

Xtreme English said...

Here's my favorite North Dakota weather photo. The North Dakota Telephone Company website has both state weather reports and a webcam photo of Devil's Lake's Main Street, but I can't get the picture to come in this morning.

So sorry to hear of your blogfriend Milt.