Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Evening

There is something about a Friday evening. It almost demands celebrating. Fellow bloggers have regular Friday features that I now look forward to viewing.

I am enjoying a glass of the above wine and gearing up for a Saturday full of Saturday-type activities. It was the last glass in the bottle. Fear not, I've got this bottle's twin in the fridge if subsequent glasses are required.
The big news is that over the weekend, the hole is getting knocked through into the extension.

This window is where the door to the extension will be. George said, "this time next year we will say remember when that door used to be a window". He's right. This time next year, we won't be able to remember what it looked like before the doorway was knocked through and old photographs (taken now) will have us being yanked back in time when the window was there.

I have boxed up all the books and ornaments from this front room. Tomorrow morning all those boxes will have to go up the ladder to the loft.

I think I'll have that next glass of wine now. . . .


saz said...

Oh that glass of wine looks so good! Hope you enjoyed it. I linked to the "extension" page and can't wait to see the french doors in place. I love the idea of french doors....had them once but they were replaced (over my objection) with sliding glass doors - yuk.

J-Funk said...

Was your house really built in the 1830s? Being from the US (midwest US, which is even worse), I'm not used to houses being that old. I'm very curious what it looks like and what kinds of neat things 1830s houses have (or don't have).

My mom's farmhouse in Iowa was built in 1880, which is about the oldest house I've ever seen. It was originally a four-room, two story house with no basement (that we can find), built with tough 4x4s in the manner of a house built to last. It also had a stove in each room and we think it also had an outdoor kitchen and a wrap-around porch (and an outside potty).

Peggy said...

The building that we are bringing back into use was built in the 1830's. The building that we live in - see first posting of The Extension blog for arial photo - was built in 1962. We're linking the two buildings together to increase living space by over 100%. I would have liked to see evidence of your mom's summer kitchen (the outdoor kitchen). But she has moved now, hasn't she.