Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Florent est arrivé

Not only is this the first day of school, we also have an exchange student this week.

-Florent and George-

The above is a photo of George all shiney and ready for the next academic year standing next to Florent Vieules. Florent is from Figeac in the Midi-Pyrenees.

George's school and Florent's school have an ongoing exchange programme so Florent is not our first exchange student from Figeac. George's older brother, Sean took part in this same exchange programme when he was at school and we hosted young Pierre Rigale three times. Now it is George's turn to take part in the exchange programme. Next August George will go across for his first trip to France without his family.

This is Florent's first time away from his family and first time in an English speaking country. I am quite sensitive to this and am trying to make things as easy as possible. He was very nervous but as we go along, I can see his confidence growing. The Man of the Place is almost fluent in French. George's French and mine need a lot of work.

Florent is a delightful boy and it seems that he and George have a lot in common; music, computer games, love of pizza. Here he is feeding the chickens, another first for him.


The Bird Woman said...

Will you be cooking some French cuisine for Florent?

[anti-social mode on]
What lovely views you have. It must be so nice not having any immediate neighbours[anti-social mode off]


saz said...

This is so sweet...reminds me of Claude's post about her life with an English family!

I'm sure he's going to have a grand time with you.

Henri said...

Fluent?? Moi?? Je crois non!(mais merci pour le compliment. C'était tres généreux et je suis tres flatté.)

Joe said...

Tres bien, or however you say it. That's very cool. But do you really need extra boys around Whitelees? You're going to be busy!