Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We've Got Rain

It had actually been a while since it has rained here. We had a few sprinkles but it was only enough to "cut the dust". I made a point of not complaining about the heat and lack of rain. Now that it has arrived, it is very welcome. I am afraid that this rain may mark the end of summer for us. It might not get warm again.

I have decided that I should choose one kind of weather to complain about and stick with that. I will only complain about too much rain and cold. When we have warm weather, I know that it is only here for such a short time and then it's right back to rain again. I love warm weather. I don't even care if it turns into hot weather. Yes you sweat, yes you have to water things outside regularly and you can't be bothered to cook because the oven will heat up the kitchen but the warm weather never lasts nearly as long as the cold weather. You will never hear one word of complaint from me about warm weather. In fact, here's a decree: From this day forward, if anybody hears me speak one word of complaint about hot weather, I'll give them a dollar. Here in the UK you would get a pound as I don't carry dollars with me. (That's worth about $1.78 today!) I know that I will not be handing out dollars or pounds because I will never complain about hot weather.

Some old farms back home have a summer kitchen. A place away from the main farm house where the farm wife could do all the boiling that is required when you "put things up" for the winter. Preserving the bounty from the vegetable garden into big glass jars is hot work. It makes sense to do all that away from the main house so that the place doesn't get overbearingly hot. Now I guess somebody just turns on the air conditioner and bingo, no more summer kitchens.

I could do that if I had time. I often make a bit of jam but for the most part, I'm too busy to boil garden produce in preserving jars or scald beans for the freezer. Its a shame because I like that work. I've got a recipe somewhere from my Aunt Joyce for her bread and butter pickles. I could eat a whole jar of those things in one sitting. They're great! I just wish I had the time to make them.

I feel bad for all my friends and family back in the Midwest who are sweltering. Know that I am sending you cool rainy thoughts. Because you can't see thoughts, here is a photo of one of my roses.


saz said...

Yikes ...rain! I wish we had it here already. I like to complain about every season even tho I think I love them all. Love the rose. I'm running late for work and just glanced at your Flickr fotos - I see lots that are not on your blog and will have to wait till later to go thru....maybe at work today (but secretly of course).

Susan said...

Goodness, I love the rain. I actually miss it in the summertime. So, I'll whine about the heat, you whine about the cold. That should work out nicely. (Just not too cold, I'm picky about that too!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, I just read all your current posts and loved the family photos. Also I cannot believe those jobs you did as a teenager! Wow. Love, H