Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It might actually be my favourite time of year. The sneezing is passed and I always lose weight in the summer. We can keep the doors and windows open. Fruit comes into season and is not only dee-lish, it costs less too! There are flowers and vegetables in the garden. All is right with the world. When the weather is nice, this place is paradise! We're not the only ones that know this. The summer people have arrived. Up here in the north, there are loads of holiday caravans and cottages. This time of year, the get booked up with people from The South. They're clogging the supermarkets and grizzling because their favourite brand of olive oil isn't on the shelves and they can't find that anywhere sells sun-dried tomatoes. So they stock up on white bread and ice cream and go give our community it's summer injection of cash. We're having a barbeque tonight. George is in charge of getting the coals ready. I'm in charge of everything else and H is working away on the extension. This is The Man of the Place beavering away while I cook dinner and take photos. Please note the new plaster in our extension. It was put on the walls while we were away. Now we can start to think about paint colours. The colour that is second from the right is the current favourite. The third from the left seemed nice, but is almost the same colour as the plaster!

George came with me on the trip to the supermarket this afternoon after work. Its funny how I always spend a bit more when I take a boy with me. Marshmallows seem to feature into the reason for the increased amount at the check out.

The chickens are moulting now. Moulting - sounds a lot like moulding. It makes them look a bit unkempt. The new feathers are great though. They're shiny and un-sunbleached like the old feathers are. I'm just glad that the chickens are going through this NOW. They were always late moulters before. Maybe they'll finish their moult and go back to laying more eggs. They slow down or stop laying when they are in the business of growing new feathers.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! And I'm backing you up on the new color choice...what is it...third from the right. I like it. It's looking cozy and lovely! Can't wait to see the new digs in person.


Peggy said...

I was on the High Street in Dumfries today and overheard visitors state "This place is so beautiful! I love the cobbled streets!". At least they didn't say how cute it was. I hate it when they say it's cute.

We're just so packed full of charm here in Dumfries & Galloway

Thanks for the backing on Country Cream by Wickes Sally. I think it will be our paint of choice. Next stop - fabric store to choose curtain fabric.

The Bird Woman said...

Your garden is looking lush, Peggy!

Well done with your baskets, too. Your friend did well while you were away. I asked (and paid!!!) the girls next door to water my two baskets under the windows at the front of the house. Came back to dead baskets!

Peggy said...

Thanks for the compliment! :-)

Because of a harsh lesson I learned once, children (anybody under 20) are rubbish at taking care of plants while the gardener is away. Get a grown-up. If they're also a gardener, even better. Sorry about your hanging basket.