Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer of 65

Here is a photo of two sweet little girls visiting their grandma and grandpa. The one being held by Grandpa is my sister Sally. Grandma is holding me. I must have been about three and Sally, two. Katie and Tom weren't born yet. Katie comes along just after the following Christmas. Tom comes in later when I am seven.

Our parents had driven all the way from North Dakota to Northern Wisconsin for this visit. I can only imagine what that long journey was like with two lively tots and NO car seats. Those boiler suits/coveralls must have been very practical.

This was the Grandma that had the cookie jar that was never empty. She would bake chocolate chip cookies all the time when we weren't there and freeze them in old bread bags. When the hoards of grandchildren arrived, she would just go to the basement and get another bag of cookies to put upstairs in the cookie jar. We got very good at taking cookies without the jar lid making a sound. Sally has that cookie jar now and makes cookies JUST like Grandma.

Grandpa died when we were very young. I don't think Tom was born yet. He had the only reclining chair I had ever seen. He used to let us sit on his lap and the recline the chair waaaay back. I remember squealing with laughter when we got a ride in the chair. (didn't take much to thrill us back then)

This faded photograph was taken that same day. Me and Grandma. Its a shame it is faded and damaged because I love it so. Both of these photos are actually framed up and on the wall. They were taken down to be scanned for inclusion in this blog. I remember the aluminium cups they had very well. My favourite was the blue one.

As these photos are obviously taken during high summer, it could have very well been my birthday. Just like today.


saz said...

You tricky girl - I get all the way to the end and find out it's your birthday! Happy Birthday Peggy!!

I too remember the alum. glasses. Your grandmother looks exactly like someone who would keep the cookie jar filled for her grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday.

Still keeping up to date with your Blog. Enjoyed your holiday photos and write up.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Birthday for yesterday!


Peggy said...

Thanks everybody - but my birthday is TODAY the 28th! With the wierd way that blogger dates things, I seem to enter my blogs in Pacific Standard Time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Peg!!

I remember those metal cups were very popular because they seemed "space age", thanks to the Apollo program home decor became very streamlined.

It's amazing so much time has elapsed. And now you're THIRTY!


Xtreme English said...

Well, I thought I sent a comment earlier today, but who knows? i was at work and addled, per usual. Those COVERALLS were necessary, as we camped along the way from ND to Wisc., and the campgrounds in N. Wisconsin are full of fine, sandy dust.

What I remember most about this visit was going to church drunk on Saturday night. The Sills were there visiting, too, and we were all pretty well lit up. I don't know where you dad was, but he didn't come to church. Probably out on the Hunting River casting for trout....