Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lunch on the Nile Part II

For the second day in a row, we had lunch on the Nile. This time, they picked an even prettier spot on the river. I had seen this view of the river from our bus and thought it was so pretty that I asked Henry who had the camera at the time to get a snap of it. Little did I know that we were headed for that very spot on the river.

We had big windows through which we had beautiful views and saw exotic birds. Even the swallows were different.

Here is a Cattle Egret - note the buff coloured feathers on the crown of the head and the shoulders? Well, you would notice it if the photograph were closer and in focus, but you get the idea. Exotic white wading bird as seen while eating lunch.
This is a different sort of exotic white wading bird. The Snowy Egret. It has white feathers, black legs and yellow feet. More delicate in appearance than the Cattle Egret.
Me and Vicky having a laugh. The food was fun too. George discovered that there were GIANT breadsticks. You could hardly bite the one end while holding the other. While holding this pose, you can see that one of George's henna tattoos (UK residents are almost required by law to have at least one henna tattoo while on a foreign holiday). George had his name written in Arabic on his arm. He had a wicked dragon painted on his back. Later when the breadstick breaks, the pieces make great fangs.

You can see how fun the lunch was. There are TWO bendy straws in the juice glass!

We needed this cool and restful time to prepare us for the mayhem that is the Old Market or Bazaar in Cairo. Small children and the infirm should just stay at home.

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saz said...

Years ago I heard someone who just got back from Egypt say the Nile was dirty - it sure looks clean in your pix and I think you mentioned in an earlier post that it IS clean? Lunch on the Nile just sounds so romantic.