Monday, June 19, 2006

Moth Fest 06

It was a rainy night last night and so I purposely left the outside back light on. I knew that if it stayed cloudy, the back wall of our place would have some good moths in the morning. There were a lot of moths this morning, but they were almost all one variety. The Buff Ermine. I counted 16 of the fluffy things. This is the most magnificent of the ones that grace our north wall.

With the rain that we had yesterday and this morning, I expect some good growth out of the vegetables over the next few days.
I was looking at the strawberries. From what I can see, the bulk of the strawberries will come ripe while we're away on holiday. The countdown is 10 days to go. This means that Helen, who will be tending the tubs and containers as well as seeing to the rabbit and chickens while we're gone will have the benefit of the bulk of the strawberry harvest. We'll get one or two before we leave (I can see one turning pink) and there may be a few left when we get back . . . .


Peggy said...

Dean has said that this is most likely a White Ermine rather than a Buff Ermine. I bow to his moth identification experience. Besides, he takes much better moth photographs than I.

saz said...

This is such a gorgeous creature. The moths I have are usually the white "moon moths" and I see them at night when I'm puttering around my front yard at 12 midnite watering or doing a little weeding or sweeping. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts but the moths are non-judgmental.