Saturday, June 03, 2006

Full Day

I started early by making blueberry muffins because we were expecting a builder to show up early. You know what? He showed up.

Our pal Kevin got the new fireplace cemented in today. We can't put the new wood burning stove into this lovely new fireplace until the cement has set. See the progression here.

I got the two greenhouses tidied up a bit. They still need to have the glass cleaned, but they're tidier than they were at the start of the day.

The corn got planted. I had enough corn seedlings for three rows so there is a nice little block of corn going at the back of the vegetable plot. I got the support up for another row of peas and there is space for a couple rows of lettuce. This will go in tomorrow if I am up to it.

Out in the front garden, I got some perennial flowers planted. Three different colours of bearded iris. I now have visions of Monet's Giverny. Also planted today were heliopsis, coreopsis, and pink and red peonies. The colours should all clash splendidly.

Remember I mentioned the frost earlier in the week. I had previously said that we had escaped. Well, we didn't. The beans and some other plants are showing distinct signs that we had a light frost.

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Gran said...

Lovely garden,'s fun to see all the places you talk about. It looks lively and well tended, not the work of a lazy person at all.