Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weed Hall of Fame

Before we get to the weeds, here is some beauty from the Whitelees garden.
Apple blossom. Variety - Discovery

It's in bloom just now.

The Top Three Whitelees' Most Hated Weeds:

In third place is an unknown perennial weed with tough runners. Its easy enough to pull up when it's young but MAN, is it ever vigorous. It has yellow flowers late in the summer. If anybody recognises this weed, please leave me a message and let me know what it is.

Second place is tied with nettles and ground elder. They are both perennial weeds. Nettles because of their nasty sting and ground elder because it is a real toughie to get rid of. It is one of those weeds that if you leave just a teeny millimetre of root in the ground, It will come back again. Thankfully both of these are easily handled with glyphosate based weedkillers.

The spot for most hated weed goes to bindweed. It is also known as trumpet vine and wild morning glory. This weed will also regenerate from the smallest of root left in the ground when you're trying to dig it out. The roots will break very easily when you are trying to dig them up and it is also a bit resistant to weed killers. It can be eradicated with persistence. I am hoping that with my black plastic and weed killer combination, we will see the end of this insidious weed this year.

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