Monday, May 29, 2006

Rain means no mowing

I am excused from mowing duties and stacking firewood duties for the day. Not only is it raining again there are bits of hail too. It really is a shame because I didn't mow last weekend and the lawn is looking decidedly shaggy. Its going to be a real chore to mow it once it is dry enough. Loads of clippings to haul. I like to get it done every six days or so during this peak growing season. I did manage to get the car cleaned inside and out plus get Polly in to have her stitches out so the day isn't a total loss.

Polly is still so excitable. We guess that she is about six months old now. It took three of us to hold her while the vet clipped the stitches. I thought we were going to have to sedate her, but the vet, who has done this thing before managed to get them out pretty quickly. It seems that if we put her on her back, she gets anxious and wiggles. The same for when she's on her side. So, if Polly is standing and I am holding her head and jaws and the vet assistant holding her back feet, the stitches can be clipped and pulled out in record time.

I am completely TIRED of rain. However, I live in Scotland and it always rains here. A positive way to look at this rain would be that I am grateful we are not suffering the drought that is happening down south in England. Hosepipe (garden hose) bans and emergency water conservation measures have been put into place. I really wish they'd stop banging on about the drought especially as it is cold and rainy here.

The wood isn't going to stack itself. I can either stack it in the rain (not likely) or just be patient and wait. I am resigned to the fact that this place almost always looks like hillbillies live here.

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