Friday, May 19, 2006

Polly and her new friends

Polly was actually licking the cows through the the fence this afternoon! I like to lick cows too, but only after they've been processed past a butcher and a grill. I managed to get a few photos of our small black animal making friends with the large black animals in the field next to the house.

There was head rubbing and licking going on for ages. I was worried that the cows might take a notion to push the fence over. They could if they wanted to you know.Look, she even rolled over onto her back. It shows that she really didn't want to attack them at all. Now Polly smells a bit. Ew mud and cow slobber!


Gran said...

she LIKES 'em!! very sweet. reminds me of squeak rolling over for the big dawgs in the park. "we're all friends here...."

i suppose this means she won't object if they DO knock the fence down and come to devour your fresh veggies....


Leah Gibson said...

Ooooohhhh Yummy. Lots of lovely salty cow snot! No kisses for Polly tonight............
Perhaps she likes her steak blue to still mooing.
Lovely pics BTW.

Buster said...

yeuk Polly .. teeth clean before u kiss me again !!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Peggy.

I would think this quite an unusual sight.