Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Next generation of cuteness

This is a photo of some of my newest cousins. . . They are the grandchildren of my cousin Susan. I can't believe how beautiful these children are! It looks like they have just removed their angel wings for the photo.
From left to right they are Mia, Annabelle and Gabe. This is a blurry photo courtesy of Mia's mother Helen. In addition to being brilliant at having this beautiful baby, she is also quite talented as a calligrapher.

Just wanted to say congratulations also to Holly Harrison who gave birth to a boy on Sunday. Mother and baby are just fine. This makes our friends Kevin and Pam grandparents! It didn't seem long in coming. In what seems like five minutes we (me and my peers) have lept from the childrens' table at big family dinners to grandparents. Shocking really. I'm not a grandparent just yet, but as my eldest boy, Ian is getting married this summer, I am sure grandparent-hood is coming.


The Bird Woman said...

Awwww :o)

What little cuties. Lovely photo.

(I put a pound on just looking at the muffins, by the way ;o)

Anonymous said...

And it makes me do a double-take to see myself referred to as a mom! hee hee!