Sunday, May 21, 2006


I'm away next week for a couple of days. I leave on Tuesday and won't be back until late on Thursday. I'm going to be ensconced in a large nice-ish hotel with other sales people. I know that I am actually a salesperson myself, but if you get more than a few salespeople together it seems to be a crowd where I find little common ground.

This sales meeting will include a Theme Night. Each regional team will come dressed as a TV family. Our regional team are going to be The Beverly Hillbillies. Sadly, I am passed the age where I can get away with being the Elly May character. I am going to be Granny Clampet. Least wise I can shoot anybody wearing Yankee blue and that jug of rheumatiz medicine will come in handy.

I didn't have a costume that would work, so I am making a long Granny type skirt over this weekend. I've got it half done at the moment. I should get it done tonight. I've modified a pattern that I have here at the house. I'm doing the gathers in the ruffle at the moment. I forgot how long it takes to do that. It's been a while since I have made a garment. I forgot how much I like to sew.

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