Saturday, March 04, 2006

Satisfying Your Curiosity on Google

Its fun to look up old friends on the internet. I even look up people who weren't friends but I am curious about what has happened to them.

I've found that old boyfriends have become published authors and geology professors in Michigan. Old friends are found in Mexico, Japan and Germany. One high school pal is now a hot steel guitar player in Minneapolis. Who knew?

One guy I knew from high school is now a Major in the US Army. I saw him on tv and impressed my family by telling them a story of this kid, now an Army Major, who has always been fiercely competitive. I was playing badminton with him in gym class and he spiked the shuttlecock straight at me. It hit my stomach with such force that it left a mark that lasted for a week. Glad he's under George Bush's control, huh?

Google and assorted people search engines thingies are great. I had lost a friend of mine. She moves around a bit. After she had moved to Georgia, I lost her new phone numbers. Not unusual for me, however ten minutes on the computer found her through a chamber of commerce in her new town. Being very civic minded, she joined not long after she got there. I had her address and phone numbers again. If I hadn't searched on the computer, I would have had to wait and hope that she called or wrote. A lot of times you loose contact of friends that way.

If you remember what they were doing when you last saw them, it makes the hunt a little easier. Joe was working as an accountant in Des Moines and Vickie was a teacher. I found them instantly through Joe's work. They now have a second boy that I didn't know about. Old pal Bill has been found in West Virginia of all places! I found Tom through his work too. He's still looks the same and still liking that banjo. Now he's got this lovely new wife and shiny new additions to his family. His eldest daughter, Josie is this successful bright young thing in Minneapolis. I only knew her when she was a little tot and visiting her dad in his Cornell dorm room. (By the way Josie, that cartoon illustration of yourself on your blog could very easily be your mom at the same age.)

Some friends have just fallen off the face of the earth. No amount of digging will turn them up. I've searched under past hobbies, old addresses, former states of residence, nothing. I'm just going to have to stay put and hope that they find me. They'll of course have to know that I live in Scotland . . . .

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