Thursday, March 02, 2006

March, coming in like a lamb?

We've had some beautiful days this week. High pressure at this time of year can give us one of two things, clear bright weather that is bitterly cold OR fog. We're getting the bright, dry cold days. Its been great. I blew the cobwebs off my sunglasses this afternoon and got some use out of them.

This morning while taking Polly for a walk, I heard a woodpecker pounding away at one of the old beech trees in the forest across the road from Whitelees. I haven't heard a woodpecker drumming in years and years. Tonight, while I was waiting for Polly to do her business, I heard foxes yelping. There was more than one going at it. One fox sounded like it was down by the burn (stream). The other fox yelps sounded like they were coming from the woods. I made sure that the door to the hen run was wired up tightly. Those foxes will have new kits right about now. This means that they'll be looking for extra food for those babies in a short while. Not my chickens they don't! Having said that, I've only had six eggs since Valentine's Day. hmm. . . Their egg production better kick into a higher gear soon or they may get replaced with better layers!

I like this kind of weather. The firewood is dry. It is much more pleasant to stack when its not slimy and smelling of mushrooms. If the firewood is too sodden, I just leave it and burn coal. Coal will burn nicely even if its been out in the rain for years!

Its not even nine o'clock yet, but I think I am ready to hit the hay. Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

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J-Funk said...

Thank you for the nice comments about me! They brightened up my busy weekend. My husband drew the cartoon of me. He says I look a lot like my dad but you can't tell because my dad is so hairy.

Are you friends with my dad from Cornell? I barely remember Cornell, but I do remember the Matsell Bridge trip.