Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Raining - plus new bird spotted

The weather report said that we were going to get some nice warm weather up from the south. What we have is rain. Cold rain. The house is cold. It gets especially cold in the mornings as the fire in the range has gone low and on occasion, out. I fire up the range as soon as I am up. I'm an early riser. By the time the rest of the family is stirring, the house has lost the bulk of its chill. I couldn't feel the toes in my right foot until I'd been in the car with the heater on "blast" and I had driven about 20 miles.

I was in some shops this morning. I'm looking for some replacement cologne for The Man of the Place. His has run out. I got him Fendi for men a few years ago on a trip to Rome. It's great stuff. I like it and he likes it. We had seen a few stray bottles in a well known discount chain nearby. Alas they don't have it any longer.

I wandered down to the next shop along which is a pet place. I got some bird food for the wild birds here at Whitelees. Some dee-lux fat balls with added insects for the birds that like that sort of stuff. I'll let you know if the birds like it better than the ordinary suet with peanuts. It could be a marketing ploy for middle class bird watchers to be parted with more of their income.

Did I tell you that I have finally SEEN a woodpecker. I've been hearing them drum away for weeks and yesterday morning, I finally saw one while walking the dog before work. It was a Great Spotted Woodpecker. It was in the beech trees along the road. It then flew off to drum away at the electricity pole in the field. (not a bright bird) My pal Helen has seen one at her bird feeders for months now. Naturally, it never comes around when I am visiting. Happiness and relief is what I am feeling. I can now add this woodpecker onto my list. Everyone else had seen one except me. Getting a dog was a good idea. I've lost almost 8 pounds in weight in less than a month and I'm seeing more wildlife.

I stopped at the supermarket on the way back and now have no reason to leave Whitelees until Monday. That feels great! I'll go out later and wire up the new food and feeder to the cable in the back garden so we can see it from the bedroom window but not this minute. I really must get a new bird table. The old one broke a while back and I just haven't gotten around . . . . .

The rain is being blown sideways. I'd much rather sit here at the computer and be warmed by the fire that I've just lit in the back room here. The wind outside, the fire's gentle crackle and the dog's snore is all the noise that there needs to be.

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