Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It Snowed - and there are no eggs

It snowed on Friday night and again last night (Monday night). It is the only snow we've had this winter. I like snow. I wish we had a bit more of it in southern Scotland. We only seem to get snow at the end of the winter in February and March. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that those chickens are very poor layers.

I bumped into a woman who lives at a farm outside our village. I can see the roof of their place from our east window. They have a commercial flock of hens and supply free-range eggs to the supermarkets. She said that in April, she's getting rid of her older hens. I am welcome to go and help myself. I know from experience that hybrid layers still lay very well in their second and subsequent laying seasons. I am now thinking that I might give away or butcher the chickens that I have now and go get me some second hand hybrid layers. It would make sense because I'd have more eggs. That's the reason that I keep the things in the first place.

I've just talked myself into doing that. I'll phone her today and ask her to mark me down for 10 hens.

Going to go get changed and walk the dog before work.

P.S. There is ONE egg - but one egg a month isn't going to cut it. Also, if your happily typing away and you don't know where the puppy is, she may be in the front room chewing on your work shoes!!

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