Monday, February 13, 2006

Some old friends - Not friends that are old

I have recently been back in contact with a couple of old pals, Joe (standing 6th from the left - good moustache), his wife Vickie (standing 7th from left) Tom (seated 4th from left) and Bill and Mary (standing 4th and 5th from left). If they come onto this site, then they'll see this photo of us when we were much younger. As I have said to them, I think we looked like film stars back then. I don't remember us looking this good, but the evidence is right here.

This photo was taken by Curt McConnell during an annual camping trip to Matsell Bridge on the banks of the Wapsipinicon River (people who are NOT from Iowa may need that word pronounced for them) near Anamosa and Stone City, Iowa. The trip was always scheduled during the Mothers' Day weekend. It seemed that we were all available that weekend and it wasn't too terribly cold. We're all wearing rain gear in the picture, so it had obviously been raining. If anybody can give me a specific date, I'd be grateful. By the age of my children I would place this photo at about 1990.

I have very vivid memories of poison ivy on the path down to the river and this spot being the first and only time I've ever heard a whipoorwill sing just before dawn. They're loud!

You'll spot a youthful me in the middle of the photo (standing 8th from left) with and open mouthed Sean and Ian.


J-Funk said...

I think I kind of remember this... am I in this picture? I would have been 12.

I like your recipe blog. I have one too! It's at

Peggy said...

Yes, Josie, that's you in the photo. You're standing next to Betsy who is holding your brother Justin.