Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rare Day in February

We had a dry sunny day today. The Man of the Place was in his boiler suit, working away at varnishing the new windows. While he was busy doing that, I got the boots on and went to tackle a few jobs in the garden. It was nice to be out in the sun, getting some fresh air and light.

I got some of the thorn clippings picked up. They had been lying around since the hedge was trimmed at the end of January. Thick leather gloves were required for this. I also rearranged the recycling containers and reinstated the two compost bins.

After the thorn clippings were piled up, I moved some plastic ground cover around. While I was doing this, I noted that the strawberry plants will really need to be moved as soon as the ground conditions permit. Most of the strawberry plants are now in full shade with the addition of the new base for the oil tank. They will never recover from the winter enough to deliver strawberries if they don't get some light. They won't get any light unless they're moved.

I've just realized something. When the oil tank arrives, it is going to put even more of the vegetable garden into shade. This is a problem. There aren't a lot of vegetables that are willing to grow in the shade. Do you know of any vegetables that will grow in the shade? I don't. Vegetables insist on full sun. Now I'm going to have to re-think the vegetable plot.

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