Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Hedge has been trimmed

This photo was taken at 13:30 on February 4th. Please note the lack of light.

The Man of The Place trimmed the thorn hedge on the east boundary last weekend. It looks a bit like a roller coaster ride, but at least it's done.

I had the petrol driven hedgetrimmer repaired over the winter. It had its poor gears stripped when somebody hit a bit of wire fence while trimming hedges almost two years ago. Its fixed now and in tip top condition.

I went out this morning with the thought of getting that dirt pile moved about, but as there are wellie piercing thorn branches all over the place and its cold and damp, I'm going to leave this job for a warmer, perhaps even slightly sunnier day. Really, all I need to do is move the rocks, move the plastic, spread all that lovely black topsoil evenly and then re-cover things. Not today. Its a day for sitting inside, studying my manual for the dry suit diving course that begins tomorrow.

You can see in the photo that there is a lot of black plastic being weighted down by old cinder blocks and rocks. This is my weed suppression system. Its great! Once the vegetable harvest is hauled in, merely cover the whole lot with black plastic, weight it down and bingo! No digging AND no weeds. It also affords quick and easy planting in the spring.

There is somebody else + pet who are enjoying the cozy comforts of indoor Scotland. :-)

George and Flossie


Davey C said...

That's some couch, ain't it.

I'll bet it can be seen FROM SPACE.

Peggy said...

Its a hawthorne hedge - very spikey. One wouldn't wish to sit on it.