Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fun Day Out

George and I took Polly to a picnic today. It was the Northern Stafforshire Bull Terrier Rescue Picnic Club's monthly walk. I was in two minds about going because I really want Polly to get settled in. I'm glad I decided to go. The three of us had a great time. Polly is shattered. She's sound asleep in front of the fire here in the back room. She likes that spot, as is traditional for a family dog.

We had a lovely walk down by the River Eden, in Wetheral, (near Carlisle) Cumbria. Polly got to meet more of her kind. At 15 weeks old and one of the youngest dogs there, she was everybody's darling. Who can resist something as cute as a puppy? I'll tell you who can't resist, Staffie enthusiasts when seeing a Staffie pup.

George walking Polly in the front left of the photo. I'm wearing a purple fleece and beret.

This is by the River Eden with lovely old brick Victorian viaduct behind us. George and Polly are right in front again. See if you can spot me!

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