Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Crunchy Puddles

A good crunchy puddle is the best part about a cold snap. The puddles freeze and it seems that the puddles keep draining away after the top has frozen. This leaves that irresistable ice layer for the walker to crunch.

It's just after six in the morning. I'm going to go walk the dog before work and I'm going to get to break all the puddles along the way. I'll leave some in the drive for George to break.

. . . . .5 minutes later . That was quick! The dog DID NOT want to walk in the almost dark and frozen countryside. I had to almost drag her out of the nice warm house. We got to the road and a pheasant cock flew up with its loud squawks and really frightened her. I was startled too, but not nearly as much as the pup. She pulled so hard to get back to the house. I had mercy. We're now back by the fire. So much for having a good long walk before work.

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