Sunday, June 23, 2019

Lovely June

Spring has been quite successful this year.
 This is the first year I will have my own peonies.  I have finally found the right spot in the garden for them to thrive.  This one has a little green caterpillar hiding in a petal.

 The UK name for these flowers is Hen and Chicks.  At my grandmother's house in Wisconsin, we called them Indian  Paintbrushes.  I always think of Elcho when I see them in my garden.
 The roses are doing well, but I see that I have to treat for blackspot again.
The foxgloves are looking particularly lovely.
 Purple early orchid
 Abundance of strawberries
 I finally have the lawn that I have always wanted.
No mole damage, very few weeds and it has been dry enough to keep it mowed properly.  All organic too!!
I found this bumblebee walking across the floor in the house. It looked as if it were struggling.  I gave it some sugar solution and took it outside.  I love seeing it's little tongue.

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