Sunday, May 29, 2016

Planting Day!!

It was close enough to the end of the month for me.  I have the weekend off from work and the weather has been glorious!

For seven hours planting took place. 
Blank garden

Side patch
The blank canvas.  A plowed and tilled garden that is ready to receive the plants 
Plants ready to go out
Carrot tape unrolled and waiting to go in
This little beauty was crawling away from me as fast as it could!

A whole bunch of plants that have been waiting patiently to go out.

Planted up and watered
Cabbage patch!

The brassicas have been kept to this side patch.  It is now affectionately named the cabbage patch.   I was originally going to put all the pumpkins and squashes there (the pumpkin patch). . . . but I'll find another place for those.  
 The cows thought me irresistible 

 I was shattered (tired) by the end of the day.  


Sarah said...

Wow, did you ever get a beautiful day to work in. And you got sooo much done! Now let the magic begin...

Katie Abdou said...

Congrats on getting your garden started! Looks great. :) Katie

Katie Abdou said...
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Shammickite said...

I wish you just enough soft rain to get everything started, lots of lovely sunshine and a successful garden growing season!

Linda said...

Lovely photos, and the cow is a total delight! :)

Shammickite said...

No pictures of the growing garden?????? It's September now.... you should be harvesting your crops.
I hope all is well and you're just too busy to post anything.

Shammickite said...

Happy New Year, it's 2017, time to start blogging again!!!!!