Saturday, May 14, 2016

Never Cast a Clout Until May is Out

I am still trying to let go of the old garden and the old plans I had for it.  When I see the big fat buds on the wisteria and the flower buds on the apple tree, my throat goes tight and my nose stings for all that is lost.

It doesn't do me any good to look back and weep.  I have to move forward.

So, this is what has been happening in my new garden this week. . .

Earlier in the week, I added agricultural lime to the soil.  We've had years of heavy rain and the acidity in the soil has been creeping up.  Vegetables do better if the soil is "sweetened" as my neighbour put it.
The garden was tilled up and five big rows of potatoes were put in. I am going to plant up the other half with all my vegetables.
The seeds that were planted on the 5th have sprouted nicely.
Basil (pesto plants)

Each grandchild has a sunflower dedicated to them.
This is the table where all the hanging basket plants wait to be put into the hanging baskets.

There was a frost last night. . . I am so glad this latest round of nice weather has not tempted me to plant things out early.  "Never cast a clout until May is out". . .


Sarah said...

I love that each grandchild has a sunflower :)

Gardening is a lot of work. You're going to need to rename your blog!

Moringa India said...

Nice Article