Monday, April 18, 2016

Two Hours Today

After a morning appointment, I nipped across to a local garden centre and got some supplies, a few seeds and some plants out of the "scratch and dent" shelf.

I then went home and finished gathering all the things that are going over the the garden, grabbed the dog, packed a lunch and away we went.

Unloading the car in the wind wasn't fun. . .

The seeds are now in a mouse-proof container so can be safely left over there.

Sowed the bean seeds and some flower seeds.

Having something that I've started in the polytunnels is good.  I'll have something to cluck over.  Beans can't actually go in until June. . . so they've got six weeks of start time.  I think I'll start the sweetcorn too.

I just pottered around.  I may go back this evening and scratch around in the strawberry beds a little while longer.

Forgetting to bring the radio was a big mistake.  I hope I don't do that again.  It was quiet.

This is the door all closed up and rabbit proof.  Yes, I used a hay fork to keep it closed.

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joared said...

Just catching up here and am so pleased to read of your gardening. So many rabbits! Strawberries -- my addiction. We'll have all the before and after pictures and accounts. Already your gardens future sounds so promising as does your life.