Saturday, April 23, 2016

Showing Improvement

I've been up to the new garden every day now.  Keeping things watered is important.  I can't miss a day now.  I've sowed some seed.  By the time it is safe for them to be put out, they'll be well on their way.

Piles of plastic that is destined to be hauled away Saturday morning.

The workbench was sorted through.  I've kept all the useful things and thrown away all the crumbling, sun damaged plastic things and poisons.  It still looks like a jumble, but I know what everything is and where it is when I go to use it.
Strawberry beds are almost cleared.   There are some gaps in some of the strawberry beds.  Those can be filled at some point.  It isn't a sprint.
There are definite signs that somebody is there and caring for the place.


Sarah said...

The transformation is amazing!

joared said...

Your photos and account already show the progress you've made. You should be pleased with what you've accomplished. I wonder what strawberries you're growing? The best I've ever eaten were Sequoia. They were the rare really large berry vine-ripened that were the sweetest I'd ever eaten.