Sunday, April 17, 2016

I Can Smell New Life!

It's been almost two months since I left my lovely home.   I now live about three and a half miles away in the next village.  It's been an enormous adjustment. I don't think I'm going to plaster my heartbreak and sordid details all over the internet.  I will say that I am seeking a divorce from The Man of the Place.  It isn't fair.  Life isn't fair.  As I don't have control over some of the events, I do have control over how I move forward.

I now have neighbours.  I have to remember to lock the door.  I have a small postage stamp of a back garden.

To keep me busy, I asked a friend if I can have a corner of their garden in which to work.  They responded by giving me the entire vegetable garden!

These are the before shots:
They are going to plow up and prepare the soil.  They have a tractor and rotovator and I don't.  This is going to save me weeks of digging!.

In the meantime I have all the work inside to do.  This polytunnel has a grapevine in it!

The other tunnel has potatoes at one end and strawberries at the other. Lots of things that will need to be evaluated for their usefulness.

There are rabbits too. .. . that is going to have to be managed.  Polly spent most of our time there, trying her level best to chase the rabbits.  By the time it was time to go home, she was so tired she had to have a bit of help getting into the car.
I will also need a wheelbarrow
Did mention that there are donkeys that live in the next field?
After hauling all the things I have scavenged from my old place from the car to the polytunnel, I worked at cleaning and straightening up.  Tools were put in one spot.  The paths were raked  and I started weeding the strawberry beds.  It was so very dusty!  Later on when I had a drink, it tasted of dust . .   After about three hours, having removed my jacket despite the cool weather, one strawberry bed was much tidier.  I then set about watering all the plants I could see.  I watered some that may already be dead . . .just to see if they can be revitalised.

It seemed that three hours was a good enough start.  Don't want to overdo it. The rabbits will have their merry way, if I don't shut things up properly.  I shut the top tunnel up and went back to collect my jacket and radio from the tunnel I had been working in. . . . and I noticed that it smelled differently.  Where it was dry and dusty before and didn't smell of anything in particular, now it smelled of life!


Betty said...

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but you seem to be handling things reasonably well. Believe me, I can sympathize, having been through similar problems in my life. But, I can tell you from experience that things can and will get better. Just keep going forward, and try not to look back. Let us know how your garden projects are progressing.

Sarah said...

I love this post. There is nothing more therapeutic than cleaning up a mess, tossing the trash, and encouraging new growth! See what I did here? Metaphors rock. A day well spent. You and Polly have earned a rest!