Saturday, January 02, 2016

Welcome to the Family Ayla

Well now. . . I have another grandchild to welcome into the world!  She showed up on Hogmanay, 31st of December at about 10:40 in the morning.
Ayla has just been born and is looking around

Welcome to our family little Ayla.  We were surprised that you are a girl.  You're the first girl to be born in our family in some time.
Layla meets her Nana but has fallen asleep and gone floppy

We are all besotted by this little six and half pound little bundle.

Her big brother Jack is very gentle with her.  He cried when she cried yesterday.
 He said her crying made him sad.

Newborns are small but they are hard work!  My son falls asleep with his little daughter

She brings the grandchild total up to four!  I'm so very fortunate!


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Wonderful! Welcome to the world, little Ayla.