Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Personal Uniform

When it comes to winter clothing, I have developed a uniform.  Long sleeved black turtle neck sweater and jeans.  I wear this almost every day.  If it is colder than normal, I will add an additional sweater.  If I'm going out, I put on some lipstick, put in earrings add a scarf and I'm good to go.

Last month, Henry asked if I wanted to go clothes shopping. Perhaps he was worried that I had been wearing the same thing for a bit.  I took pains to reassure him that I have more than one black turtle-neck sweater and wasn't wearing the same garment every day.  I'm actually okay for clothes.  I have plenty.  In fact, I have more than I need. Because I have decided on a regular winter wardrobe, there are a lot of winter clothes that may never see the light of day again.  They'll be going into the local charity shop drop box soon.

The summer wardrobe is much more colourful as I have not formulated an opinion on summer clothes yet.  Despite wearing black a lot in the winter, I adore colour. Wearing bright orange in the summer makes me happy even if it isn't flattering.

I never made a conscience decision to just wear black turtle-necks.  It just grew over time.  Now years on, I have four or five  (I think...I've never counted).  Knowing what I am going to wear every day, takes the guess work and trauma out of getting dressed.  If one gets dirty while cooking or if I slop something on my front, I just change into a clean one and keep going.

I realised last week that Steve Jobs also did this and delving deeper there are others/  It does just release you from so much of what the fashion industry throws at a person. Find what you like, get a bunch of them and just wear that.  If you like it and are convinced that it is a flattering garment then . . . . then nuts to everything else.  


Sarah said...

I am all for a uniform. I wear the same thing over and over, but I would wear the same things regardless of whatever else hung in my closet. It's cheaper and NO ONE notices.

joared said...

I agree with the whole concept of not wasting time on a lot of fashion concerns. Men pretty much have that clothing choice luxury, even when dressing up in suits.

I've had a tendency to wear a set few number of outfits for a number of years. They do vary a bit for the situation, but other clothes I could wear remain in the closet. I did like color, especially in winter when I lived in snow country years ago, but have several of same three-quarter length sleeved tops in different colors I wear for casual use now.

Shammickite said...

I like dark colours, black, grey, dark brown, for winter too. I think bright colours make me look too conspicuous, however I love pink, orange, turqoise, blue as soon as the spring arrives.
I've recently acquired 2 pairs of winter leggings, one black, one herringbone grey.... so comfy and warm! Why didn't I discover these years ago????