Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring IS Coming

Every Wednesday I drive to Dumfries at about 7 pm to go to the swimming pool.  Last week the temperature was about 9 C.  I noticed that there were a few toads on the road. I almost stopped to take a photo of them, but I was in a bit of a rush.  I thought to myself . . . spring is coming!

Last night we had a frog on the woodpile.  He (or she) was just sitting there.  Toads last week on the road and a great big frog last night tells me that spring is on its way.   The next time I go to the front garden to fill the bird feeders, I'm going to walk over and see if there is any frog spawn in the pond.

Sure we may get one last bit of snow before it is all over. . . .but the teeth have been knocked out of the beast.  I've been less cold in the house too.  I didn't realise this until I started writing this . . .but I haven't felt the need to have a cardigan on at all times.  I may go and scrub the greenhouse this weekend.


dogbait said...

Talking about teeth knocked out of the beast, we survived summer without a beast this year thankfully. No serious heat and no major bushfires. In fact, as I speak, major flooding happening in NSW and northern Vic.

What next? Some of your snow!

Sarah said...

Congrats! Our winter beast never really had teeth at all, except for maybe a week or two here and there. Less than 5 inches of snow since Halloween.