Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Open Mike Night

Support Scotland, Drink Tennents!
Since before I met him, The Man of the Place has played guitar.  He has been loosely connected with bands and actually been in bands throughout the years.   I don't play an instrument, but I can carry a tune.

He tunes up while the rest get stuck into their pints
We used to go around the folk clubs years ago, but we lost enthusiasm for it  . . . .   He still plays when he can but rarely in public.

The Man of The Place and our boy listening politely.
A couple of our friends in the dive club go to the Coach & Horses on the Whitesands in Dumfries on a Monday night.  They have been asking Henry to come along.  This week he went along and both George and I tagged along.

Iowa radio station sticker on the guitar case
We met a bunch of new people.  These folk knew a lot of the same songs we know.  The songs we didn't know, were really nice.  There seemed to be a good reception to the songs that we knew but were new to them.  Good crossover then.
Our friend Rodger. 

This pair in the corner never gave their names, but they certainly were enthusiastic. The bigger one wasn't all that bad on the harmonica.  He took a fancy to my beret.  He must have told me how much he liked my hat 6 times.   I let him try it on, but though he wanted it, he couldn't keep it.  I wouldn't have anything to keep my head warm if I gave away my beret.

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