Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easy Sunday

This is the first Sunday in a while that I have not been out diving. 

Although I love diving, it is nice to have a real rest and get things done around the house - or not.
Pets appreciate a nice fire.

Though I didn't do much, I did get the bathrooms cleaned and the floors vacuumed.  I like them to sparkle and the have really sparkled in a while. 
The Man of  the Place worked on wallpaper and paint.  I made cups of coffee and other domestic support things.   The above room used to be our living room with the TV and sofa.  That has moved to another room.  I have plans to move the dining table in here.  I don't know if we'll actually USE the room once it becomes a dining room.  We shall see.  He is getting closer to the finish line with it and doing a fine job.  A big shout out to The Man of the Place for spending a good chunk of his week off work to do this job!

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