Friday, March 05, 2010

The Job Search - It's Like Dating

I find myself looking at the phone, willing it to ring. I pick up the receiver and double check that there is a dial tone. Nope, no messages on the answering machine . . . . .
Wait a minute, I remember doing this years ago! Looking for a new job in this current economic climate is like dating all over again. I hated dating. No offense to anybody I may have dated that is reading this. I didn't hate YOU, it was just the process. Now there is this added compulsion to check my e-mail inbox many times a day as well. So many new ways to be rejected.
I did the traditional thing of looking in the paper. In our local paper the employment section is right next to the lonely hearts section. If you find a job/guy that looks promising, same interests/right qualifications (Non-smoker GSOH and have worked in the industry for eleven years) you send off your CV or resume. If you're serious about getting a job/date you'll sign up with an agency. Most large companies with head offices in much larger cities will not put ads in small town papers when recruiting. In my case, I have registered with a number of agencies that specialize in my field.

You'll get a few first interviews. Then it starts. You'll be nuts about them and they'll be lukewarm about you. Or you don't think they are that great, but you want the job/date anyway. The first interview went well but they never call again. What is worse is, you get a second interview that went okay too and you think, "This could be it! They could be The One!". Then they don't call you for days afterward. When they do finally call, you get the business version of "it's not you it's me".

I've been turned down for jobs for which I believed I was perfectly suited and qualified. It really saps ones confidence. You start looking at your application for gross errors like misspelling your home town and spinach between my teeth.

I've been to a couple of second interviews and been pipped at the post by somebody with more specific qualifications or experience. The last interview that I went on, I was told that there were over 100 people applied. 10 people were selected for interview and I was among them. Three were put forward for the second interview and I was there again. So I must be doing something right . . . but you wonder if you'll ever be in a relationship/job ever again.


Gordon said...

Hang in there, the fact you are getting beyond the first interviews is the thing to focus on.

Crossing my fingers for you.

Betty said...

Believe me, I know how demoralizing it is, even when you know how many other people are going through the same thing. Gordon is right. Getting past the first interviews is key. Good luck.

dogbait said...

Stick at it. You haven't run out of air yet.

Anonymous said...

Continue to believe in yourself - there is a job out there waiting for someone with your qualifications and great personality. Joycex

namrin said...

Love your post!

I understand you've been through. I waited for a job for 4 mths after I just graduated my Master Degree which makes me doubt myself very much. Then, I got a job but you know what ...I didn't like it for some reasons and then, I got a call from a job I thought I didn't get it after 2 months of the second interview. They said they didn't call because General Manager went back to France and all holiday period. So I ended up with this French company for 4 yearish. I took 6 mths to hunt the job I loved.

To be honest, sometimes job hunting really takes time. Probably just like dating that it will take some time to find the person who can be your boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

It that's the case, I wonder if the book, He's Just Not That Into You would have any wisdom for job seekers! You never know. Hang in there. --Cousin Susan

Anonymous said...


But in the meantime, how about you write a book of all those lovely american recipes you keep on using, your Grandma's et al and translate them from 'cups' to UK measures and then publish.

I had never read how to make Root Beer, Apple Butter (and I always have loads of apples) et al

Yes I know they are on your blog, but books have not yet gone out of fashion.

mrs K

Just a thought

mrs K

Shammickite said...

I'm rooting for you, and I know that the right job for you is out there. Getting past the first interview is a good sign. I have ny fingers crossed for you.

J-Funk said...

I believe in you! I am impressed you are getting some second interviews. It's awful out there! You must be a rock star!