Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Successes and Confessions

It's about 30 C here today! For those of us who live year round in our jeans and fleeces, this is HOT! We've dug the shorts and t-shirts from the bottom of the dresser drawer. Usually when it is this hot, we've spent a small fortune and we're in the Greek islands or some other lovely vacation spot. I just love it! I'm glad I'm here to water things!

Here are a few successes so far:

Lettuce! Isn't it beautiful?! We've got about twelve or more of these still to pick. I wish they were ready to pick in stages instead of all at once. My neighbours will get a few of these.Here it the lettuce again, this time with the cucumbers! The cukes are lovely with no hint of bitterness! There are about four on the vines that could be picked any time now.The potatoes (the ones that managed to come up that is) are exploding with vigor. (note that they have been weeded!)Cabbages are doing well too. I think I will cover them now with agricultural fleece before the cabbage white butterflies start laying their eggs on them and they are reduced to skeletons!

Then there is the untimely death of one of the tomato plants. It wasn't looking very clever and now it is gone. I may have over-watered it.

Confessions: I know I can be quite selective about what is shown on the blog. Who can blame me for framing a photo so that all the work yet to be done is out of shot. If I do that too often, people start to form the opinion that I am actually an industrious person. HA!The area between the two greenhouses - full of weeds and perennial plants in pots that should have been put into the herbaceous borders last year!The larger greenhouse is used a lot in the spring to grow on seedlings - but by July - it is a glorififed parcel delivery site with a grape vine taking over.

The weedy side of the house that nobody sees: Complete with punctured ball for tormenting the dog.

The front of the house doesn't look too bad. . .. .just a few weeds in the gravel . . . .but if you take a look around the corner . .. . This is where the patio is supposed to get put down. I've been waiting about three years for this.So, I can still call myself a lazy gardener! There is plenty of work to be done!

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