Thursday, February 12, 2009

Six Swans

Dumfries & Galloway is home to an important site for overwintering wildfowl. Loads of swans and geese from places further north like, Siberia, Iceland, Greenland, Norway etc. . . come to our coast to wait out the winter. Fields of barnacle geese and pink foot geese can be seen as I am driving around the countryside doing my job. Any inland body of water will be found with overwintering swans on it. These birds are here to eat the grass that still manages to grow in January because of our moderate temperatures.

On the road between Lockerbie and Lochmaben goes across the Annan River and there is an old humpback bridge. You know the one? It's right near the Lockerbie Cheese factory. It is a one lane bridge and when one gets up to the bridge, quite often there is a little wait at the light installed there. When all the traffic going in the opposite direction goes by, then it is your turn to go over the bridge and continue your journey. not my photo

While I was waiting at the light on Wednesday, six swans few over my car. What a sight! It made me gasp. I did not have the camera with me. Even if I had the camera with me, I don't know if I could have been fast enough to get the shot. They were flying low as if they were getting ready to land on the river and went just over the roof of my car. It was such a gift to see these majestic birds in formation and so close!

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