Sunday, November 23, 2008

Which Egg Would You Rather Eat?

The egg on the left is a very large free range organic egg purchased in the supermarket at £1.99 for six. The egg on the right is one from my own hens. It costs me about £8 for a 25 kilo sack of chicken feed every month to feed them (plus kitchen scraps) and I rarely run out of eggs.

I did run out of eggs this week because the hens are still moulting and there was a birthday cake to make. - by the way, Happy Birthday Gordon! Hens lay few to no eggs while they are moulting and I was forced to buy eggs! When I buy eggs, I always try to buy the eggs from hens that will be as happy and free range as my own in the hope that the quality and flavour will be there. Sadly, the commercial egg, even when they are as groovy and free range as the ones I bought, just aren't a patch on our own eggs. The yolks are pale yellow, the albumen or egg white runs all over the place and the flavour is not there. The eggs from my hens are loaded with flavour! The yolks are orange and the albumen stands up firm and does not run at all when cracked into a pan.

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