Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Yearbook Photos

Don't panic anybody, I'm not dragging the old high school photos out just yet. If I did that, I'd have no leverage for extorting money out of you later.

I found a fun site that morphs a photo into a yearbook photo. Your photo can travel from 1950, the year my mother was a freshman in high school until 2000 when my eldest boy was high school age. Just plug in a photo of yourself and have a bash. There are some great styles in there. Who remembers the early 80s as being so very awful for hair fashions?
This is a recent booth picture of myself that I had to have taken for one of many of my diving identification cards. The picture taken two years ago so is fairly representative of how I look today.

Had I been in my mother's graduating class in Fargo 1954, my year book photo would have looked something like this. Actually, I don't think I look all that far removed from a photo of my mother at the time. (just pretend that I'm not in my mid 40s in this photo and that I am 18)

A decade later in 64 it could have been much different. My first pairs of eye glasses were a style that wasn't too far removed from the above groovy numbers. My glasses were sky blue with little stars in the corners. Did anybody have a teacher that looked like this? I look at this one and think "Mrs Fitzgerald".
Now we're in 1974. I think of my older cousins Mary Fran and Luanne when I see this photo. They had the most luxurious long thick blond hair and were so amazingly glamerous to me. I had short brown hair and was younger and therefore had no status. Mary Fran and Lu got to sit at the grown up table at Thanksgiving and I was relegated to the stateless children's table in the other room. I remember Gretchen making milk come out of Martha's nose we were laughing so much. Did you know that if you laugh too much, you will lose your appetite and not finish your dinner? No wonder we were in another room. I think I have now touched on a new secret to staying slim. comedy dinner theaters!
That's all I have time for this evening. Click on the link above and see what results you get and then please let me know.

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